What are we doing here?

I love Bach’s music in any form and this is where I collect performances of his works. When I say “collect”, that means saving a link to any interesting (video) performance of his works.

Inevitably, that doesn’t mean linking to everything or everyone, we’ll just collect (mostly) complete works. And it will be a while before the collection gets to a useful size, so be patient.

Who am I? I’m just someone who enjoys J.S.Bach’s music in all its forms. I make no claims about my special expertise or qualifications. This is the Internet, so I can…

Inevitably, we’ll link to a lot of works from the allofbach.com efforts by the Netherlands Bach Society. They have set the bar for performances very high indeed. Gorgeous video, terrific performers and beautiful performances. Bach at its best and as an inspiration.

Marius Coomans
Sydney, Australia
mh at coomans dot com