Comparing Performances

As our listing of Bach performances grows, it is interesting to compare their interpretation, production values and of course, the performers. Not surprisingly, I wrestle with the choice of performances to include. Even when limited by the availability of video performances on Youtube or Vimeo, I’m overwhelmed by the abundance of performances of popular compositions.

For example, here are three performances of the Brandenburg Concerto No 4 (BWV1049). Which do you prefer?

  • Is the Freiburg Orchestra a bit “staid” and serious?
  • What do you think of Shunske Sato’s performance on the NBS version?
  • Have you ever seen four recorders as in the Voices of Music version (from 6:45)?

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A 15 year old recording by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra (more info):

A recent Netherlands Bach Society recording (more info):

A US ensemble, Voices of Music (more info)