Netherlands Bach Society - BWV 1067 - Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor

Recording Play
Location Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht
Performance Date2014-11-30
OrchestraNetherlands Bach Society
Conductor Shunske Sato
Violin Shunske Sato , Annabelle Ferdinand , Lucia Giraudo , Anneke van Haaften , Paulien Kostense , Hanneke Wierenga
Viola Bernadette Verhagen , Jan Willem Vis , Femke Huizinga
Cello Lucia Swarts , Barbara Kernig
Double Bass Joshua Cheatham
Harpsichord Siebe Henstra
Traverso Marten Root
Further Detail Comments: Shunske Sato: "This suite is in B minor, a reflective key",
Marten Root: "My assignment was to be an honorary member of the string section."